In this area, please post hints and tips about creating links in our wiki.

Internal Links

To create a link to another page in this wiki, you can just use two square brackets, [ ], before and after the name of the page to create an internal link. I can't type an example because it automatically formats any example as a link! I will use single square brackets in place of doubles. If I wrote [Cesare Beccaria] in my page about the Enlightenment, it would automatically link to the page on Beccaria.

You can also highlight text you want to turn into an internal link and click on the left globe icon in the toolbar. You will get a dialogue window to choose what page to link to.

External Links

To create external links, highlight the text you would like to turn into a link, then click on the left globe icon in the toolbar. You will get a window to control what kind of link you want to create. Choose external, and type in the web address.

Table of Contents

Thank you Katilin for making the original guide, But I feel I could make this a bit more clear.

All right then.
Look at this image below.
external image wiki.png

That picture is generally what the code will look like in Text Editor. My example here is from my National Assembly page. To start go to edit your page and click on the Text Editor button. There's really only a few key things here:

1. Wherever mine says National Assembly in the image, you would put in your own page name, like Bastille Day or National Convention.
2. After that, you see the word with the number sign preceding it? There you will put basically the code form of what your linking it to. I used #estates for mine, but you can use whatever one word you want.
3. Then comes the straight line mark and the text that will actually appear on the page. That mark isn't an uppercase i, it's that dotted up and down line you see right above enter on your keyboard. You can obviously substitute in whatever you want it to actually say in the table of contents on your final page.
4. Now you see those number sign words you made in step two? You have to put those in your page again in the double brackets now. That is where the Table of Contents one will link to when you click on it in the final page. It won't show up as anything on the final page. After that you'll notice I wrote the actual name of the topic in my Table of Contents.

If you substituted everything I told you to, that's all you have to do. Keep in mind you need to put in the double brackets where at the beginning and end of the places it shows in the image. If you have questions, send me a message.

That's it! I hope this helped you procrastinate working on your actual project just like it did for me.

If you'd like Wikispaces official guide to making internal links, click here.